Current Exhibition:


Cathy Stone

August 1 - 31, 2015




INFORMATION ABOUT ANOTHER YEAR IN LA - including past exhibitions and reviews

Welcome to our new art gallery.

Throughout 2015, we will hold 12 monthly solo exhibitions.

However, the intent our new online gallery is not to have static shows of one artist's work followed by another.

Our new focus is to allow each of the twelve artists to interact online throughout the year (in anticipation of their upcoming exhibitions as well as during and after their solo shows as well). 

And as our concept continues to evolve, we have designed some of the shows to exist online as well as some in a physical location still in Los Angeles and now in Eagle Rock (see below).

Think of the new another year in LA not as much as being an online place to see some artwork (although that opportunity will exist) as much as it will become a community of artists interacting/participating with you during 2015.


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another year in LA is an online contemporary art gallery (formerly physically located in Los Angeles)  featuring conceptual art, painting, sculpture, photography, installation art and performance art.  another year in LA represents artists Stephen Kaltenbach, Linda Day and Richard Haley and has shown Osman Khan, Robin Hill, Eric Doeringer, Robert Nelson, Barbara Zucker, Marcel Duchamp, Peter Coffin, John Tremblay, Chris Martin, Caroline Cox, Joe Amrhein, Mark Emerson, David E. Stone, Cathy Stone, Yaya Chou.