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Richard Haley


Material and Form

November 1 - December 31, 2023

The exhibition, Material and Form, consists of two video works by artist, Richard Haley that will be released on November 1 and December 1, respectively. The videos document performances, rehearsals for proposed actions, and provide narrative accompaniment to sculptures.  The actions, demonstrations, and narrations are performed by Haley, computer generated voices, casts of parts of his body, paper cutouts of him, and digitally modeled objects standing in for him. 


The exercises are seemingly mundane. They range from digging holes in soft material to training how to watch rain puddles evaporate. Together, the actions tell a story of a body in search of utility.  


These videos revel in contradiction. They look to shrink and expand notions of being.  In some moments, the work asks for body and self to be separated with each having its own independent agency. At other times, the works propose to collapse more than one person into a singular body. Additionally, the videos subject bodies to elastic temporalities. They document actions in geological time, spiritual instances, and sublunary final moments.






Material, 2023

video, 5 minutes, edition of 3, $2000.00








Experiments in Form, 2023

video, 3:59 minutes, edition of 3, $2000.00


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