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David E. Stone



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February, 2004 Exhibition Description

Images from the Exhibition

Patron and Souvenir Editions from February

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The second exhibition (February), Invest in Ordinary World was  in the gallery space on San Fernando Road.  This was like a sales presentation for potential investors to consider funding an amusement park (just like Disneyland and Universal Studios in southern California).


The gallery was setup with a concealed model of the Ordinary World park along with relics from the groundbreaking ceremony, concept drawings & maps, stock certificates and the development drawings of the park's mascots, Norm and Al.



- David E. Stone

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Images from the Exhibition




Installation view, Ordinary World model & Groundbreaking Shovel





Back-of-the-envelope Conceptual layout of Ordinary World, 2004

 4.125" x 9.5", ed of 100, digital print on envelope, unframed, $200





Ordinary World IPO, 2004

5.5" x 11", ed of 100, digital print on certificate paper, unframed, $200






Proposed public signage for Ordinary World





Installation view, Ordinary World model, Invest in Ordinary World banner & Actual Size








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Patron and Souvenir Editions



Portable Park, Souvenir Edition, 2004

6" x 4", signed & numbered postcard, edition of 365, $250.00 (set of 12 postcards including shipping)





Groundbreaking Shovel, Patron Edition, 2004

4' x 1', signed & numbered gold painted shovel, edition of 12, $10,000.00 (all Patron works as a set)




Invest today in Ordinary World banner, Patron Edition, 2004

24" x 42", signed & numbered vinyl digital print, edition of 12, $10,000.00 (all Patron works as a set)



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