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David E. Stone


One Year in LA

Beginning January 1, 2004, artist David E. Stone began the most significant undertaking of his career, one year in LA.   This art exhibition project was a series of successive monthly exhibitions over a one-year period that focused on his continuing interest in how reality can be perceived.


His work is not easily identified by a specific iconographic representation but is, in fact, eclectic & conceptual in nature and embodies a variety of materials.  Therefore, holding several exhibitions seemed the best vehicle for interested parties in Los Angeles (where he moved to produce one year in LA) to experience and comprehend his work.


Each of these twelve exhibitions had its own unique focus and yet was united by a consistent theme from his conceptually based art; economic values, perceptual irony and information specificity.


Stone selected Los Angeles as the location for his project not only due to its status as a major international arts destination but also because its tolerance, humor, and most visual persona, Hollywood, has a leading manufacturer of realities.


January, 2004 - Suggestive Persuasion

February, 2004 - Invest in Ordinary World

March, 2004 - HTML Colors for the Blind

Economic Value:  Buying the Signature of Joseph Beuys - April, 2004

Greetings from Los Angeles, Part 1 - May, 2004

Ex Libris - June, 2004

Summer Leisure: Puzzles - July, 2004

Summer Leisure: Cards - August, 2004

Painting - September, 2004

Ascending - October, 2004

Eclipse - November, 2004

Last Exhibition - December, 2004

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January, 2004




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