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David E. Stone

Last Exhition - December 2004

One Year in LA

December, 2004 Exhibition Description

Images from the Exhibition

Patron and Souvenir Editions from December

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This untitled last exhibition from David E. Stone’s yearlong art exhibition project, one year in LA is a one night only show on December 4 and concludes the public phase of this project. 

From December 5 until the end of the year, the project will continue but only via the internet.



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Images from the Exhibition



select works from each of the preceding eleven months exhibitions on one long gallery wall (click on a title to go to that month's exhibition):


Drink Coke/Eat Popcorn (January), Ordinary World stock certificate (February), Red (March), Signature #6 (April), Forsaken Enthusiasm (May), Burned Fahrenheit 451 (June), Crossword Puzzle #9 & Dot-to-dot #4 (July), Red & Black (Condensed) (August), Painting #5 (September), View (October) and Study for Dark Screen #2 (After Felix Gonzalez-Torres), (November)






Self Portrait 2004, (Patron Edition), looping Powerpoint presentation (one self portrait each day in the morning and one at night for 2004) against gallery wall (facing all of the work from 2004 on the opposite wall)





Self Portrait 2004, (detail)


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Patron and Souvenir Editions



Systematic Resolution, Souvenir Edition, 2004

6" x 4", signed & numbered postcard, edition of 365, $250.00 (set of 12 postcards including shipping)





Self Portrait, (CD cover), Patron Edition, 2004

15 minutes, Powerpoint slide show on CD (of all of the daily self portraits (morning and evening) David E. Stone took of himself in 2004), edition of 12, $10,000.00 (all Patron works as a set)




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